Why You Should Hire A Public Adjuster

A Public Adjuster will:

Assess your loss on initial consultation to determine whether or not their services are necessary. There is NO charge for this initial consultation.

Act as liaison between you and your insurance company, attending all meetings on your behalf and handling all negotiations with your insurance company so that you may have peace of mind and continue with your day-to-day affairs without interruption.

Go over your insurance policy and assure that you are reimbursed appropriately for all coverage which you are entitled to under the policy provisions and limits.

Help you prove your loss by preparing a detailed and complete building estimate when appropriate, as well as assist you in preparing a detailed personal property inventory of all and any items lost and/or destroyed.

Keep YOU in control of your claim - not the insurance company. The Public Adjuster will see that you are in control of all contractors and clean-up personnel - not the insurance company.

Assure that all claim payments are made in full upon loss settlement.

Keep you appraised of all negotiations and will always consult with you prior to agreeing on any settlement terms with the insurance company.

A Public Adjuster will get paid when you get paid and their fee is a small percentage of your settlement.

It will cost you nothing to call a Public Adjuster and ask for an objective analysis of your loss to determine whether or not you may benefit from their services!

An INSURANCE ADJUSTER is an adjuster who is hired, paid, and trained by the insurance company. Remember - the insurance company's bottom line profit depends on cutting costs - on claim settlement payments.

An INDEPENDENT ADJUSTER is an adjuster who works independent of any insurance company, but is hired by insurance companies when their adjusters are overloaded with claims, or they may not have a claims office in the area. The Independent Adjuster's loyalty is, obviously, to the insurance company that requested and is paying for their services - not the property owner. They will more than likely side with the insurance company in any dispute, as they will obviously want to be rehired again.

DO NOT be intimidated if your insurance adjuster tells you that you do not need to hire a Public Adjuster. It is in their best interests to intimidate you into not talking with a Public Adjuster!

Georgia -License #414285  ·  Florida -License #A110910  ·  Continuous Licenses in North and South Carolina