Prepare Ahead Before A Loss Occurs

Take a complete inventory of your property contents. Be sure to include such things as books, linens, tools, clothing in drawers & closets, plants, accessories, personal hygiene items, everything in drawers, cupboards & closets. BE THOROUGH!

Take photos of or videotape each room including the inside of closets, drawers and cupboards. Keep photos or videotape off site in a safety deposit box or other secure place.

Keep receipts and serial numbers (if applicable) of "big ticket items" such as computers, FAX machine, appliances, and all electronic equipment. Keep this information with your photos or videotape, as well as a copy of your insurance policy.

Train all family members in emergency preparedness training in case of fire or threatening weather so they know what to do and where to take appropriate shelter.

Have emergency supplies on hand such as bottled water, canned goods, manual can opener, flashlight, batteries, battery radio, candles, matches, blankets, spare clothing etc.

If you live in a tornado prone area and do not have a basement it is advisable to reinforce an interior portion of your home to use as a tornado shelter.

KNOW AND REVIEW your insurance policy! Know what coverage you have - what it means and; be sure to periodically update your coverage when appropriate. If you are in a flood prone area, you may want to purchase a flood policy. Flood is not covered under a typical HomeOwner's policy. It is offered separately. You can find further information on flood insurance at: FEMA